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Choreographers Sofia Mavragani, Fotis Nikolaou, Fouad Boussouf and Flora Détraz reveal their ‘raw material’ and influences by means of screenings and an open discussion with the public.

ARC goes out in the city and Satchie Noro and Silvain Ohl transubstantiate a 40-foot container into a dance origami in progress in Athens and Elefsina.

Young creators enjoy the opportunity to present their work and their particular kinetic language, and gain valuable field experience, getting into contact with a wide international audience.

Despina Lloyd Goula is presenting a loop of vertical dance in integral discourse with the building of OLVIO Theatre (venue of ARC_prime movers) and the building of Cosmote e-Value opposite KIVOTOS Theatre (venue of ARC_main fest).

Training workshops for dance professionals focusing on the latest developments in dance techniques, international trends and new dance idioms.

The nucleus of the festival features eight performances of new works of contemporary dance, five of which are presented in their world premiere in Athens.

Live streaming of the festival’s core performances staged at KIVOTOS Theatre.