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ARC_prime movers

Young creators Nandy Gogoulou, Int.P dance company (Maria Papakonstantinou, Marianna Karavida, Nicolas Chatzivassiliadis), Alexandra Kostopoulou, Alexandra Rogovska, Anastasia Valsamaki & Mina Ananiadi present their work and their particular kinetic language.

18/ 0519/ 05


Young choreographers Anastasia Valsamaki & Mina Ananiadou present the work “Verge” as an investigation into the limits between the body and the world. Right on the verge of this contact the relation between individual identity and the others is being enacted and reconfigured constantly.

Considering space as the only independent variable and movement as a constant factor, “Verge” examines how space can modify intention and the way in which things are being addressed; it also examines by extension how various spatial relations can affect the very nature of action and the relation between the two performers so that a series of new and unpredictable ways of coexistence are being energized.

Co-creation & Performance: Anastasia Valsamaki, Mina Ananiadou
Originally created by: Mina Ananiadou
Photo credits: Alekos Bourelias
Sound artist: Dimitra Kousteridou

Duration: 20′


Based on three performers and a basic principle—“By obeying our bodies we exist, we inhere, we coexist. We create and break bonds. Or we let them become something else within the circular flow of our stories”—“Puzzle(D)” deals with the enigma of continuation that presupposes change.

The flow of movements and stories incorporates beginnings and endings in a perpetual change of bodies, situations, structures and relations.

Choreography: Int.P
Performers: Maria Papakonstantinou, Marianna Karavida, Nicolas Chatzivassiliadis
Music: Ted Regklis
Lights: Pavlos Mavridis
Photos: Giorgos Myriagos
Video: Dimitris Mamaloukos

Duration: 20′

Curtain time: 9:30 pm
OLVIO Theatre
Iera Odos 67 & Falaisias 7, Votanikos
Tel. +30 210 3414118
Public Transport access: Metro: Kerameikos