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How does dance ‘heed’ the world and how does it facilitate our shift from per-ception to con-ception?

How does dance capture rhythm as it relates to time, repetition, movement and pause? How does tempo fit in with the extemporaneous? And to what extent does dance embody the ‘noise’ – the non-sensical voice of the random?

What does digital reality sound like and how does it reverberate in the ‘real’ world through our physical bodies?

Is memory auditory or somatic? What triggers it and what determines its syntactic structure when expressed?

Building on the main theme and premises of its previous, 10th anniversary edition, which focused on the multidimensional co-formation of the contemporary, ARC 11 tunes in to the ‘noise’ produced by dance as it constructs its own language, rhythms, tonalities, and volumes. It tunes in to the articulation of movement and calls upon us to comprehend the new dimensions that result from such polyphony.

The Playground | PREMIERE

Dancer and choreographer Stefanos Bizas investigates with this new work our inner restrictions set by various systems (educational, social, political, moral) in our effort to capture and understand truth in its most liberating aspects.

Restricting, diluted criteria and creative myths are examined as the incongruous materials in the intense game that is contemporary life.

Choreography: Stefanos Bizas, with the valuable assistance of Yiorgos Pelagias
Performers: Yiorgos Pelagias, Stefanos Bizas
Soundtrack: Mikkel Larsen & Stefanos Bizas

  • a) Interior of the Cave 1 & 2 by Steve Reich
  • b) The 12 Inches (with Tom Waits) by Frank Zappa
  • c) Armenia by Einstürzende Neubauten
  • d) Ludwig van Beethoven Moonlight Sonata by Arthur Rubinstein

Vocals: Hilary Briggs
Lighting design: Raphael Solholm
Costumes: Maria Ipsen

Warms thanks to the entire Danish Dance Theatre team and personal thanks to Yiorgos Pelagias, Hilary Briggs, Mikkel Larsen and Giannis Millas for their precious contribution to the creation of this work.

Duration: 20′


Támata: Votive offerings and promises to gods or saints in exchange for a favor, a benefaction or the fulfillment of a desire.

The work Τάματα is a dark, pagan/poetic trip in search of identity; a choreographic approach to the need for tenderness, for a sense of belonging, for the possibility of co-existence. It is organized as a melancholic voyage, full of desires, urge, rage, fragments of memory, and sudden, sharp alternations of light and shadow. It is manifested as a look into the hidden desires and untold stories of the tender male soul.

Alone and defeated, the six protagonists are seeking their new faith, moving about in a timeless and desolate landscape where memory becomes a nightmare and the present is a constant trauma. Their movement is a struggle to rediscover the primordial truth of the body, the light that such an encounter promises. The tremors and shakes of their bodies during this journey is nothing but the constant fight of each one with one’s own self.

Concept – Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou
Dancers – Performers: Giannis Economides, Tasos Karachanidis, Panos Malactos, Fotis Nikolaou, Dimitris Spyrou, Alexandros Stavropoulos
Music: Dimitris Spyrou
Set design: Elena Kotasvili, Alexis Vayianos
Costumes: Constantina Andreou
Light design: Panagiotis Manousis
Program design: Christos Georgiou
Promo videos: Nikos Nikolopoulos
Graphics: Christos Georgiou, Tasos Govatsos

The piece was commissioned by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Culture within the context of the program for the research and development of contemporary dance Terpsichore 2018.

Duration: 65′

Curtain time 9:30 pm
Pireos 115, Gazi
Τel. +30 210 3427426
Public Transport access:
Metro: Kerameikos
Electric Railway: Thiseio
Bus/Trolley: Kampa